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Latest Waikiki Scuba Dive Report

from Kaimana Divers, Honolulu Hawaii

2016 Dive Club Update….. Join Kaimana Divers for the best diving on Oahu!

Mahalo Everyone for 9+ Years of diving with Kaimana Divers….

Our local dive club has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of diving everyday and I look forward to every event. With that in mind, I have reconfigured the club to help you get the most out of every dive dollar. These prices are effective immediately so take action and start saving today:


Friends of Kaimana Divers (or FOKD) seeks to build the most active, knowledgeable and fun loving Dive Club on the island. Oahu is a great place to dive but we won’t just dive here! FOKD is now accepting members for a $75 annual membership fee….

As a member you can expect the following benefits:

• $75 anytime 2 Tank Boat Dives on our custom 6pax Dive Boat Nacho 1
• $75 Westside and Hawaii Kai 2 Tank Boat Dives
• $89 Dark Side Dives (Saturday Nights)
• 10% off any PADI courses
• FREE Birthday Charter
• Priority booking for off island travel
• Weekly CLUB DIVES and access to club only events!

Tired of diving the same sites?

As a card-carrying member of FOKD get exclusive access to Westside, Townside and Hawaii Kai charters. Not to mention plenty of North Shore diving and BBQ’s in the summer time.

With over 110 members, FOKD is rockin….. come out and meet some new dive buddies this weekend! It should be noted that you can take advantage of these great prices 7 days a week. Our club is currently only available to Hawaii Residents.

It is my hope that we continue to build great friendships, log amazing dives and unlock the power our ocean has to offer….

Aloha and Safe Diving….

Gabe @ Kaimana Divers

(808) 772 1795

Wreck Diving on Oahu: Let the Good Times Roll!

I tend to think that wreck diving on Oahu is one of the most overlooked aspects of our island. Did you know that there are more wrecks in our waters than you could possiblydive in a week’s worth? They each have a special and unique story. Airplanes, military landing crafts, freighters, barges, small vehicles and massive Navy ships are just a few of the gems hiding below the surface.

Here we see the stern of the Sea Tiger wreck of the south shore of Oahu. She’s home to countless turtles, eel, octopus and the occasional passing ray, dolphin or monk seal. What an amazing treat it is to view a fully intact 175+ foot vessel lying peacefully and upright on the ocean floor.


When you next plan a trip to Hawaii, think of Oahu and her many storied wrecks. Contact us here at Kaimana Divers and we’ll show you why we think wreck diving is out of this world!

Gabe @ Kaimana Divers

(808) 772 1795



Whoah….. SO this happened:


Kaimana Divers

Thank you so much to all of our amazing customers! Our job is a dream and it’s so fun to invite you all in, if even just for a few moments. 8 years strong and our staff at Kaimana Divers has never been more diverse. I am humbled to be surrounded by such a fun, passionate and professional crew. You guys deserve this award!

Gabe @ Kaimana Divers

Look what we have here!

Diving on Oahu is one of those rare treats that I wish everyone could experience. Every dive is totally unique and our crew got a rare treat while wreck diving off the shores of Waikiki. Here we encounter 3 squid swimming in perfect unison right off the wreck of the San Pedro.

Give us a shout the next time you are looking to scuba dive here on Oahu. Daily dives since 2006!!! Come check out what our awesome customers are saying about us

A hui ho!

Gabe @ Kaimana Divers

Scuba Diving in Waikiki….. America’s #1 Urban Dive Destination!

I know what you are thinking…… Isn’t Waikiki all about fruity drinks, Hawaii 5-0 and surfing? Not so fast! Did you know that just off the shores of the most famous stretch of sand in Hawaii there is world class diving to be found year round. From WW2 Era wrecks to outstanding reefs chock full of critters your next Hawaii scuba diving adventure is only a step away.

Come check out this awesome GoPro footage we captured while diving with some guests here this past year. Featured are two of our shallow dive sites Turtle Canyons and Horseshoe Reef: Click HD for best resolution and ALOHA!


Shark Week on Oahu….

Every year it’s the same thing. The Discover Channel starts airing “Shark Week” programming and no one calls to book a dive. I can tell you that in over 8000 dives on Oahu I have rarely even seen a shark and never seen one acting aggressively. What we tend to come across are these happy fellows:

oahu, diving, shark, honolulu, waikiki


This amazing snap was taken by longtime friend and club diver Susanna. Pictured is the white tip reef shark and unlike most sharks he can hide in caves and doesn’t need to be in the act of swimming to pump water over his gills.

This makes him a delight for underwater photographers who can take the time to get the shot right. Their actions are very calm and as long as you respect their space it is possible to capture some amazing close ups. Hopefully you will get a chance to spot one on your next Hawaii scuba diving adventure!

See ya in the blue….

Gabe @ Kaimana Divers


Summer Antics….. Diving on Oahu!

Aloha Everyone….. summer is one of the true joys of diving on Oahu and this year has been no exception.

Over the past 7 years we have met some amazing people and families. The summer months mean that diving conditions improve on the North Shore and we are able to dive our favorite spots like Shark’s Cove and 3 Tables on the regular. If you haven’t experienced these on your own they are truly unique.

Imagine crystal clear 80 degree water and lava formations and tubes coming in from all angles. The unique lighting and cool critters combined with easy shore diving entries make our North Shore spots legendary.

In fact, I’ve lead so many dives there over the years with seasoned divers and upon coming up after an hour underneath have heard “That was the BEST dive of my life” I agree.

Here we are goofing off underwater…… come dive Oahu with us this summer.



We operate daily boat dives and shore dives. Not sure where you fit in? Drop me an email and we’ll line you up with a custom experience that matches your skill and comfort level. Shouldn’t your next dive be the BEST dive of your life?


Gabe @ Kaimana Divers

Join us on Facebook or search for Friends of Kaimana Divers

Wreck diving with turtles on Oahu!

Never a dull moment diving on Oahu. Here the Kaimana Crew gets a good look at one of the resident Green Sea Turtles on the wreck of the Sea Tiger.

Diving in Hawaii doesn’t get any better……. come see the beauty of the ocean with Kaimana Divers. Rocking strong since 2006!


Gabe @ Kaimana Divers


Scuba Diving Spring Break 2013…… Wooooooooo!!!

waikikidivephotoDiving in Hawaii is just one of those experiences that is hard to imagine if you have never done it. So much to think about and so many critters coming in from all angles. This spring has been no exception. Whales breaching, turtles cruising, dolphins spinning and all set against the backdrop of a blue sky and a shining sun.

Man, it’s great to be able to live and dive everyday here on Oahu.

Lot’s of new sightings just this past few weeks and our longtime diver Susanna was fortunate enough to snap this photo of a Flying Gurnard while doing some Oahu scuba diving with the KD crew last week. These critters are super rare and I can only recall about 4 other sightings in the past 8 years. Just goes to show you that you never know who might join you for a dive.



Whoah.. SO this happened: Thank you so much to all of our amazing customers! Our job is a dream and its so fun to invite you all in, if even just for a few moments. 8 years strong and our staff at Kaimana Divers has never...