Computer Issues….

About a month back I wrote that there were no images being attached to my blog because of a swamped dive camera. Now, just when I get the cam back up and running my laptop crashes! AHHHH!

So, this blog is dedicated to those who have completed certifications recently and have not been given their props. First, Wes and Judd have been killing it. Both finished thier Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Nitrox courses. These guys rock! Also, congrats to Nichole who cramed in 8 dives on her vacation and is now an Advanced Open Water Diver….

I promise to put more photos up when I get the tech bugs worked out. Until then, take a look at our upcoming dives:

Thurs 6/26 Afternoon 2 tank charter, Kewalo Basin, 11am
Fri 6/27 Afternoon 2 tank charter, Kewalo Basin, 11am
Sat 6/28 North Shore BBQ/Shore Dive, Sharks Cove, 9am to 5pm
Sun 6/29 Open Water Class, Pool Session, Kaneohe Pool
Wed 7/2 Afternoon 2 tank charter, Kewalo Basin, 11am
Friday 7/4 Afternoon 2 tank charter, Kewalo Basin, 11am
Sat 7/5 Morning 2 tank charter, Kewalo Basin, 730am

Don’t see a day on the schedule and you want to dive? Give me a call and we’ll set it up in minutes.

I’m also extending my $99 two tank intro dive special through the July 4th weekend. Get a 2 tank intro dive with all gear for only $99….. no prior experience needed!

Lots of dives up there, what are you waiting for? Call Today!

Gabe @ Kaimana Divers
(808) 772 1795

A great way to start the summer!

Aloha Everyone,

Greet few weeks of diving here on Oahu. Lots of new faces and some loyal Oahu scuba divers too. I guest one of the coolest thing about having a small scuba company in Hawaii is getting to know everyone on a first name basis. This week we have had 3 great students in Wes, Judd and Arthur.

I can’t think of a better set of dives for these boys either. We have had multiple shark sighting with a small little pup keeping us company on Kewalo Pipe (he’s hiding… and I know where he is) also several frogfish and even a pod of spinner dolphins!

Our North Shore dives were great too…. check out the photo of the gold lace nudibranch below. Keep diving everyone and remember my June Special:

2 Tank Intro Dive for $99… use codeword Chupacabra when booking!


Gabe @ Kaimana Divers
(808) 772 1795

A little bit of this and a little bit of that….

Aloha Everyone,

What a great few weeks of scuba diving we have had here on Oahu. Hawaii scuba diving has a way of throwing you something new each time you go out and lately has been no exception. There have been tons of visitors to Waikiki lately all getting a jump on summer vacation and it has been great to share my passion with them.

Zack and Craig kicked it all off a few weeks ago. These two hail from the Northeast and Zach has logged several dives around the world. What better way to introduce his friend to diving than a scuba trip to Hawaii? Good choice, bro and what an amazing series of dives we had.

From octopus, sharks, frogfish to eagle rays, schools of barracuda to turtles around every corner it seemed like these guys were my good luck charm! Craig did great with his Open Water course and managed to get some hiking in too. Thanks again for diving with Kaimana Divers boys.

Sadly, the Kaimana Crew had to say goodbye to some good friends this week as we bid Chris and Holly aloha. He’s moving back to the mainland and was the FIRST OPEN WATER STUDENT I certified two years ago when I started the company. Holly has been going crazy with the Dive Club and was on our trip to the Big Island this past spring. Good luck getting back into the mainland flow and sweet dreams of all things underwater you two…. can’t wait to see you back here in da islands!

I also wanted to congratulate locals Leilani and Sasha. These ladies rocked on their intro dives last week and are looking to do more. Below you will find a photo of Canada Jay with Leilani. Remember ladies, I have TWO Open Water courses this month so let me know how your schedules work out. Oh and I almost forgot…. congrats to Travis and Wolf who finished up their PADI Open Water courses too. Great work boys and thanks for making it up to Sharks Cove this past weekend!

Enough talking about Waikiki scuba diving, let’s see the photos, huh? Big Mahalos to Mat, Holly, Nate, Steve, Mike, Sue, Paul, Mark, Jay, Laura, Courtlin, Anna, Mike, Matt, Justin, Adam, Dave, Bonnie and Jim for taking me diving lately.