Dive Charters - Kaimana Divers
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Dive Charters

Dive Charters

Join Kaimana Divers for some of the premier scuba diving Oahu has to offer. Our two-tank boat charters get you out to the dive sites quickly and safely. You will be given a thorough briefing of the safety features of our vessel while we relax and enjoy the surroundings.


Enjoy fantastic offshore views of Diamond Head, Waikiki and Koko Crater – don’t forget to bring a camera! Our morning charters offer our more advanced divers a chance to experience Hawaii scuba diving at its best. After a surface interval complete with complimentary goodies (light snacks and refreshments) we will drop back in on a second dive along a shallow reef or possibly a drift dive. Check the dive sites area for more information on specific sites offered. Remember, we don’t just dive Waikiki sites but every shore of Oahu.


Afternoon charters with Kaimana Divers are two shallow dive sites. This is a perfect opportunity for new divers or those just getting back in to diving to get comfortable scuba diving just off the shores of Waikiki. Depths range from 35 to 60 feet and our time is spent exploring the reef for eels, octopus, green sea turtles and possibly even a Hawaiian Monk Seal! Because our depths are shallow, we can offer longer bottom times and take advantage of the warm Oahu sunshine on our surface interval!


At the end of your dive day, it’s time to get the logbooks out and start identifying the creatures we saw. You may never see some of these guys anywhere else in the world as 25% or our species are endemic (only found in the Hawaiian islands). You’ll be back to your hotel right on time for lunch or dinner too, so no worries spending an ENTIRE day of your vacation diving…. unless of course you want to do both morning AND afternoon charter (it’s been done before)!