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Wreck Diving on Oahu: Let the Good Times Roll!

Wreck Diving on Oahu: Let the Good Times Roll!

I tend to think that wreck diving on Oahu is one of the most overlooked aspects of our island. Did you know that there are more wrecks in our waters than you could possibly dive in a weeks worth? They each have a special and unique story. Airplanes, military landing crafts, freighters, barges, small vehicles and massive Navy ships are just a few of the gems hiding below the surface.

Here we see the stern of the Sea Tiger wreck of the south shore of Oahu. Shes home to countless turtles, eel, octopus and the occasional passing ray, dolphin or monk seal. What an amazing treat it is to view a fully intact 175+ foot vessel lying peacefully and upright on the ocean floor.


When you next plan a trip to Hawaii, think of Oahu and her many storied wrecks. Contact us here at Kaimana Divers and well show you why we think wreck diving is out of this world!

Gabe @ Kaimana Divers

(808) 772 1795

Image Courtesy of Peter Diamond 

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